my book…well that it will be hopefully

I want to let you all know a bit of what I am planning to write this November, I can’t tell you too much because honestly I don’t know most of it yet.

what I want to talk about is my main character, she will remain nameless. no I am not being secretive I really am planning on not giving her a name, this is because I want to make it the reader very easy to identify with certain aspects of her, I want people to think, yes I get that even tho the actions written down can be completely insane. she is me but not the me that anyone would recognize, its who I am, who I want to be and who I fear I am or will be all combined.  I don’t know if I make it myself easier or more difficult to basicly write about myself but I want to try.

what I also will do in my book is explore weather something real is always better then something unreal. its the if you could life your perfect life in a dream will you do it thing, studies showed that most people won’t because they want something that is real but I am not sure I agree with that. I think that what is real is different  by what you believe to be real, its all perception so why couldn’t a person choose a different kind of reality then the norm is. the question, do I have a very different kind of reality because I preserve the world differently because of my autism?does come to mind but that is for another day.  another thing I will be doing is play with the fine line between reality and fantasy quite a bit, I always enjoy doing that.

I really hope this make any kind of sense and that what I write as the book itself will be a bit clearer. but I wanted to share and I congratulate you, you have come all the way to the end of this post.




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