Nanowrimo fail ?

I haven’t really written in days and I don’t really feel like doing so. so, what now? I kinda want to give up, rather then trying to force myself to write and tbh I don’t think I even can do that. if I am realistic I can’t become a writer for living anyway, not even if I had all the talent and insparation in the world. I have to have social contact what I probably won’t have at all or very little if I didn’t work, once I am alone for quite a wile its very hard for me to go out and interact with people again. and I need something that will make me do something, I have had always the problem that I seem to be unable to make a plan and follow up and do something without a stick behind the door, someone who makes me do it (its kinda hard to explain because I don’t really get it myself) so, maybe I should stop trying to make it and just keep it fun for me because that is all its ever going to be anyway.


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