health care (?)

health care in the Netherlands has changed and one can wonder if its better. the insurance is privatest, the idea was that when those company’s compete it all become cheaper but we only saw the prize gone up and up. I also think it wasn’t wise to make of hospitals company’s who have to make a profit. I mean do you really want the people that have to make you all better again wondering if its economical to bring you back to health? insurances also have quite some control over what they want to pay for, they decide whether its needed. they aren’t doctors but if they say no, then the only option would be to pay for it yourself and that is for many not a option at all. insurances also make deals with hospitals, saying that the people who can and are willing to pay more will be helped sooner then the others, that is just wrong in my eyes. I probably could afford to get the faster care service but will never do it, not because I am cheap but because I strongly believe that health care has to be the same for everyone, rich or poor. I also believe that there should be laws that will make sure that everyone is equal once they step foot into a doctors office or hospital.

our new government won’t do this, in matter of fact they will make it even worse by cutting cost on health care even more and letting the most vulnerable pay the prize. not only the cost for healthcare goes up but also the social security of people with a handicap goes down, especially for youth. this get to me more then the others mostly because I fully recognize how lucky I am that I still can work. many people with autism can’t, mostly because employers just don’t want them. in there eyes, we are just trouble, trouble that might cost something. I really believe that if I was honest about my autism  in my job interview that I wouldn’t have gotten the job and if I did put it on my CV I wouldn’t even have gotten a interview. so, where can we go then ? when everyone just tuns there back to us. we can’t life from air you know.


2 responses to “health care (?)

  1. imo all that you have said is very true. I too question the wisdom of hospitals, surgeries, clinics and similar being profit-making for the reason you state.

    The question is, how can we influence these things and work for change? This is a question for me too, it is not direct to you, but a question to everyone who cares.

    Thank you for this post. x

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