saturday centus..week 30

this weeks prompt is a random daily horoscope of today, the story could be the day it “predicts” (my personal opinion of horoscopes is that its nonsense and so vague  that it could be any day) the prompt as always in bold.

Let’s face it, Scorpio. Today you’re likely to find your chores and errands exceedingly boring. You could find yourself watching the clock, feeling like an hour has gone by and then realizing it’s only been ten minutes. If you can put off your tasks until tomorrow, by all means do so. Nothing is so urgent that it requires your undivided attention all day. Treat yourself to a fun afternoon

two pills every two hours, that is why she was there

all day, every day

taking care for a old man,

one who failed to take care of her.

The clock on the wall stood as still as time,

and a small blip from her watch told her that the hour was nearing..

if two is good for two then four must be good for four, she thought

and when all was done she left the smelling flat,

looking for a good time and something to drink


18 responses to “saturday centus..week 30

  1. Wow! Really unexpected and deep. Very good! And I love the idea for the prompt.

  2. Dark. I like it a lot. I have been looking forward to reading yours, they are always very interesting interpretations.

  3. Brilliant ! thanks clearspace for contributing to the centus .

  4. Oh, no! That was totally unexpected. So sad.

  5. I loved this. It’s very difficult to take care of an older person especially so when you have resentment against them. But sometimes it has to be done. This was an exceptionally good take on the horoscope.

  6. I can relate to this on so many levels. You had a good idea with this prompt.

  7. Ouch! This is so real and raw. Great work.


  8. Wow! That’s quite a scary tale. Hope that theory worked out for her. Mine is here.

  9. You have really got the atmosphere in this piece. Brill & thanks for the prompt!

  10. Oh what a sad tale. I can relate to it on varying levels. Very well written. I do hope she finds her peace and happiness, just not from the bottom of a bottle. Oh, and thanks for the prompt…I had fun with it!

  11. Dark, deep, and thought provoking. Exactly what I love to read!

    Loved the horoscope theme of the week btw

  12. Hauntingly true for many who care for someone who needs constant attention and gave none.

  13. This was a great take on the prompt. My favorite line? “taking care for a old man, one who failed to take care of her” – brilliant, you captured the frustration perfectly. Thanks for the interesting prompt this week! Kat

  14. Just like a Scorpio…leaving for a drink! 🙂 I know, I’m a Scorpio! This very short tale really offered so much for a fertile imagination. My mind is racing now. I hope this story continues in your writing, because it is definitely still going in my head!

  15. I took away my first attempt at this, in case you tried to visit my post and found that it was not accessable. But it’s working now. I have finally finished writing a Centus for week 30.
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s SC wk 30

  16. Such a creative post! Loved it!

    I am Aries. I wrote ripples depicting that!

  17. Wow. OK, you are genius using this prompt. I had a hard time with it…and I liked that. I enjoy when I have to work a bit harder to write!

    Thanks for making us work this week!

    And thanks for linking this creative, dark story.

  18. This is a good one….unique and a bit gritty.


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