saturday centus week 31

had a go at this weeks prompt words. those are as always in bold:

the bin of tangled up holiday lights,

lying,waiting to be untangled, light up and shown off

Straitened out for the occasion, to be hung up high

one by one glowing in the deep winter night

and after holiday, put back in the bin

to never be seen or thought of again.



13 responses to “saturday centus week 31

  1. Once again, I absolutely love your piece. A bit sad, but also very beautiful. I like that combination.

  2. Very nice. Loved your description of the lights glowing in the night, I can actually see them. Nice use of the prompt. Kat

  3. This is lovely. It’s simply worded, yet rich with meaning.

  4. Very well worded…


    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday
    mornings and thereafter!

  5. Wonderful writing, as always!

  6. Sweet take on this prompt. Nicely done.

  7. Tangled lights, never put away
    in a sorted manner and tied
    in neat bundles make me wonder
    why we are so anxious to pack
    them away so haphazardly.

  8. Until it’s time to take them out again, then they are a mess LOL. Lovely piece you’ve written on this prompt. Good job.

  9. Until next year, of course…

    Nice job!


  10. Beautiful job with this prompt! I loved the imagery and feelings your words conjured up. Well done!

  11. Wonderful. I loved the visualization you created in these few words.

    Thanks for linking. It is always fascinating to see what you come up with.

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