The Kings speech

first of all things, this isn’t a review, I don’t do reviews because they are all about judging others for there art and I am in the habit of trying not to judge people espechially when I know I can’t do better myself.

I want to talk about what the film is all about for me and as I know many haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet I will try to do so without spoilers.  the film is about a man Bertie who speaks with quite a stammer and this becomes quite a problem as he needs to give speeches as member of the royal family, he seeks help for the problem and the viewer gets to see his struggle to get better.

for me, the film is about a man that really has something to say but the words literally won’t come out. the frustration that comes with that I completely understand. the stammer has made him lose all confidence in himself and his lack of confidence makes the stammer worse, he is locked inside himself, unable to express anything other then anger because when he’s angry his stammer goes away.

the pain of having something to say but not being able to say it, is one I can deeply relate to. my favourite part of the film was that his Doctor asks him “why should I washed my time listening to you?” and Bertie shouts out “because I have a voice!” that sentence holds the essence of the film in my opinion.

if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommit it, its funny and moving, often at the same time.



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