Saturday centus..week 43

its been a wile but I made one again, the prompt is in bold and the rest of the pieces are linked here

She never saw him, just felt him as he stood very close behind her. The street was dark and empty, there was no one to scream for. With a manly calm voice he almost whispered instructions into her ear. as she followed them, her legs felt weak, not from fear but to her own surprise she felt strangely exited by this all. The ATM machine began dispensing twenties. when the machine was done,still standing behind her he lent against her and he took the money out. Then he just walked off into the empty street, leaving her alone and wondering who he was.


15 responses to “Saturday centus..week 43

  1. Suspenseful and scary thoughts about using ATM.

  2. Great job on a very frightening, dangerous situation…the hairs on the back of my neck went up while I was reading this !

  3. Oh my was he a masked man? Did he come from a telephone booth, wait there aren’t many of those around…I love this dark empty street effect…so chilling and mysterious in one! Nicely done!

  4. Scary and a tad sad….happens so often in real life to be ignored….very visual take.

  5. Oh my, kinda creepy that she felt some excitement from it. I guess it takes all kinds though, ha.

  6. Great! Intense and mysterious!

  7. This reminded me of the reason I don’t use ATM’s anymore. I am very glad there was a mysterious yet happy ending.

  8. I hope she went straight to the police!!

  9. Great use of the prompt. I almost went in this direction. You captured the sense of danger very well!

  10. Scary and interesting take on the prompt.


    PS. I’m late with my Centus this week, but here it is:
    Sheethead by Sue

  11. Was this the only ‘excitement’ in this lonely woman’s life? Tell us more about her and the kind of life she is forced to lead.

  12. one of my worst fears when hitting up the atm at night … you did this very well, i felt the tension build

  13. Nice work, creepy and spooky. I liked the way you built up the scene.

  14. Wow! A very chilling and suspenseful account! Great job!

  15. Oh wow. What great suspense. I was actually thinking he was going to kill her for some reason. Not sure how you crafted that much intensity into 100 words but WOW!

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