Saturday Centus….week 44

the prompt is in bold:

Never was so much entrusted to soft pink and yellow paper.

in blood-red she wrote down,

what lived inside her heart, had a life of its own.

the death of love, laid with a single word,

the death of hope, laid with silence

Everything depended upon this single card





5 responses to “Saturday Centus….week 44

  1. Excellent and heartbreaking…very well done !!!

  2. Excellent, the way you distilled so much into so few words. Love the colorful images balanced against loss.


  3. That’s very touching and intense. Really good.

  4. Jingle. I don’t know why but I suspect even your grocery list feels poetic. It hink there must not be one non-poetic bone in your body. Everything you write feels so natural and purue.

    You are really impressive.


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