Saturday centus…week 46

the prompt is as always in bold:

The curtain parted and the sun left no way to hide.

something that seemed impossible after last night

The earth should have stood still

she couldn’t just be there without her little girl

a respectable pause would have only been right

but the seconds passed on without a fight.




10 responses to “Saturday centus…week 46

  1. Again, very touching and deep!

  2. Well, you’ve got me thinking. Good one!

  3. Such a sad, touching use of the prompt. The world does keep turning, even when it shouldn’t. Well done.

  4. Thanks for this touching and painful story. Don’t we all wish we could stop time at certain moments? Well done.


  5. Rings true. We all have those times in life when it seems like everything should just stop. But time waits for no one, I guess.

    Nice job.


  6. oh my, that was so utterly sad and deep …

  7. Very deep take on the prompt. Good work!!

  8. It’s hard to acknowledge that the rest of the world carries on when something cataclysmic has occurred in our lives. Well done!

  9. Outstanding job !!! Regret, pain and being powerless…devastating !

  10. ‘The earth should have stood still.”

    I’ve felt that emotion you expressed wih such poignant clarity.

    It has always angered me that the sun continued to shine after some horrible event…you expressed my emotions perfectly in this perfect gem of poetry.

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