boundaries & apologies

I find it difficult to determine what the boundaries of self-expression are. I don’t want to offend anyone but also don’t want to be limited in art (writing). my problem are those subjects that a lot of people are quite fast offended by like religion for instance. I am referring to my last post, I knew before I posted it that there would be people that where offended by the subject of the story and I doubted if I should post it. I decided to do so and am not sure that was the right thing to do. I know some say that everything (expression wise) is aloud in art the hell with other peoples feelings but that isn’t me. and if I decide to not write anything that may hurt some, how can I tell if there’s someone out there that will be hurt ? and if that person is somewhat reasonble (for lack of a better word) in feeling that way ? because there are people that really got offended by everything and if I stop writing for those then it will be penciles down, forever.

as to apologies on this, I don’t want to say I’m sorry for writing anything that I make up, when I write something its kinda a piece of me I’m showing and I don’t want to say I’m sorry for who I am, I’m doing that enough in my life.

I can say I’m sorry you got hurt and I will every time someone does and I will mean it with whole my heart.


One response to “boundaries & apologies

  1. And I feel love, support and care for you PP. Thank you and thank you for writing.

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