Saturday Centus week 56

yes I did it again, I wrote a piece for Saturday centus of Jenny Matlock. the prompt is in bold, the rest I am to blame for.

I am the legacy of heroes

I testify of there existence with my life

There was one that smiled to me everyday, just let me know he saw me.

A second talked to me, told me I mattered and made me believe it.

And a third just sat with me until the sun came out to shine again.

All of them saved my life, like heroes do.


9 responses to “Saturday Centus week 56

  1. We all need our heroes.


  2. Very touching and beautiful!

  3. This is a beautiful and thoughtful piece. Heroes can take many forms, and can be found where you least expect. Thank you for this.

  4. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    We all need them every once in a while:@)

  5. A wonderful piece. We all need heroes and have them in our life, and Ralph Waldo Emerson said that every man is a hero to somebody. I’m glad your heroes were there when you needed them. I enjoyed reading this.

  6. I love this…So sweet, simple and the very essence of what makes a hero…taking time away from self, listening and doing something that changes a life or lives !!!

  7. I had to read this several times.

    This was so powerful. It felt so biographical and made me wonder and made my heart hurt for the writer.

    Such pain and hope captured in so few words.


    Really amazing and powerful writing here.

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