Saturday Centus week 56 (2)

I don’t do this often but I made another piece, the inspiration of this one is a piece I saw on tv about the fist world war, the fist part is about how leaders give the impression that going to war isn’t a choice, like there was no choice. the second part is about how they use to execute shell-shocked soldiers because they where believed to be cowards. the prompt is in bold:

they all where slaves of duty

called to step into the legacy of heroes

without will or choice of there own

they where merely puppets of History

And when good man saw all they could bare

they freed there broken souls,

replaced the missing body in line with a boy

and the march marched on.


2 responses to “Saturday Centus week 56 (2)

  1. Wonderful words, so well strung together. I was touched at my very heart. Thanks for this.


  2. OMG. The last two lines in this made my eyes tear up. How brilliantly you captured this. This is without a doubt my favorte centus of the week.


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