magical thinking

Definition: irrational belief that one can bring about a circumstance or event by thinking about it or wishing for it; normal in preschool children, it also occurs in schizophrenia.

of course its not only children and mental patients that are “guilty” of magical thinking, religious people also believe that praying will help and there plenty of superstitions out there. its all about control, we all want to feel like we are in control of our life’s but we are very aware of the many things that we can’t control and  that can be frightening, so the idea that there is a way to control the uncontrollable is very appealing.

I am not religious or superstitious but I am not unfamiliar with magical thinking, I have a somewhat overachieve imagination and I am quite into fiction that has magic in it because it seems so wonderful to have that kind of imitate control and power over your surroundings  (and sometimes people).  as a child I really tried it and when I say child I mean all the way though my teens and always was somewhat disappointed that nothing happened.  even this evening I sat by the BBQ that was already cooling off a bit and I couldn’t help myself and stretched out my arm and thought: fire grow. I imagined it burning again but was again a bit disappointed that nothing happened. at the moment that I stretched out my arm and hand to the BBQ I thought I could do it, my imagination of it was so lively  that for a moment I forgot that it wasn’t real and that was a very happy moment.

I don’t think its crazy to think you can control the uncontrollable sometimes, I think that it might just keep us sane. that illusion of control gives us strength and convince  and as long as it doesn’t rule our life’s I see nothing wrong with it.




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