Saturday Centus week 58 (behind the wall)

yes back again with a writing to prompt, we got from jenny a max of 200 words this time to play with, I haven’t used them all, the prompt is as always in bold:

The day the first stone was placed was one filled with betrayal and pain

the wall was built long ago but shall always remain.

Life whispers though the cracks but is so far away

she is just a little girl, with fire-red hair and a smile for everyday.

Never she knows how long she’s been, but is there to stay

She never grows up, old or dies, her wall keeps her save

Her tale could be victory or tragedy with ending always the same

hidden from time and death but alone and barely sane.

But no one tells her tale at all,

she’s forgotten on the other side of the wall.



9 responses to “Saturday Centus week 58 (behind the wall)

  1. Wow! I love this so much! Especially the image you create of ‘life whispering through the cracks’. Great!

  2. Yeow, that is Excellent !

    Very vivid description and haunting ending !!!

  3. This is a haunting piece, and it makes me feel sad. Forever behind the wall. No, please, no.


  4. Gone AND forgotten? What a horrible tragedy. This was haunting and poignant. It made me sad. I love the way you create emotion out of carefully crafted vowels and syllables. Really well done.

  5. Poignant piece.

    Makes me want to tear down a few walls singlehanded.


  6. Oh you did not need 200 words to paint this sad, poignant, haunting piece…quite good indeed…Peace and blessings

  7. I thought about writing something along these lines, but you have done it much better than I could have. Brava!

  8. “Forever behind the wall” … so sad, so haunting … such a very, very good read.

  9. This is so sad, it really lingers in your mind long after you’ve read it. What good to be safe and never die, if forgotten? Beautiful use of the prompt.

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