sorry (creative writing piece)

this is a piece I wrote yesterday evening and its about that situation where nothing you will do is going to be right, its one where just every move you make from that point on, will hurt or anger someone else and all your left to do is say sorry. its a situation that I get myself in quite often without having a idea how I did it and I often feel that even my best intentions don’t matter because I somehow get myself in that situation again and when the inescapable happens, I will be blamed. because I am the fucked up damaged one, I am the one that doesn’t know how to deal with people! so its my fault and I better feel bad about it and say sorry.

I’m sorry you got hurt,

I really really do

and I’m sorry so very much

that I didn’t came after you

I’m sorry that I live the life that I do

and I’m sorry

that the way I think and feel

isn’t good enough for you

I’m sorry that my life

is quite a awful mess

and I’m sorry that I make mistakes

as much as the rest

I’m sorry I dare to speak

or sorry if I don’t

I’m sorry that I’ll take a breath

(you’ll be sorry when I won’t )


One response to “sorry (creative writing piece)

  1. this is… very touching. and sad.
    (it does sound right, when read aloud. It has the right… rythm. I like poems with a rythm.)

    fell hugged.

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