Saturday Centus week 68

soo this week Jenny treats us with a 150 word centus plus a few promt words of course. this is my bit, the prompt as always in bold

a monologue to a friend

Moments, that’s all I get.

Moments of light shining through.

Those moments are the best, true bliss.

But short and when they have passed, they are truly gone.

Memory is merely a shadow of the moment itself.

If I die young, then its probably a death by choice.

Because in the long run moments aren’t enough.

Don’t look at me like that, I said if and not when.

Isn’t it comforting to know that I still have moments?

I could have lied, said that I’ll die old, with a smile.

Would you have preferred the lie ?

You are a good friend, always stood by me.

That really counts, you know ?

If I am gone, know that most of those moments came from you.

No, you can’t help, no one can

I know you would do anything

but there is nothing to be done.

I’m sorry, but I had to let you know.


12 responses to “Saturday Centus week 68

  1. This is stunning writing. It has a strength to it of someone who knows their own mind.

  2. Wow, excellent poem, very creative and really quite deep….”.memory is merely a shadow of the moment itself”…….what a great line that is….

  3. This poem is hard-hitting and has a visceral effect on me. Your words are strong and raw and well strung together. I admire poets who speak the truth, whether it is their’s or someone else’s. This is wonderful.

    Two of my favorite lines:

    “Memory is merely a shadow of the moment itself.”
    “Because in the long run moments aren’t enough.”


  4. I’ve always thought that it will be so nice to be in control of when and how we die but even then if we did go via that route, it would still have been our destiny to do so.
    Great use of the centus, powerful imagery.

  5. Wow. That was very touching. I’m left speechless.

  6. I loved that you answered all of the questions … i’m sure there are more but you answered the ones we know we will hear. Brilliantly done … i’m in awe!

  7. Disturbing. And well done.


  8. What an intriguing and thought-provoking post! Excellent job!

  9. I agree with Tom. This piece is sooo well done! Great take on the prompt.

  10. Haunting and deep. Good writing. Prayers!

  11. Great job, I agree with Sue a little disturbing. I pray you don’t really feel like that.

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