silence at the library

I have to disappoint any whovians this isn’t a ode to the Dr who episode(even tho I loved it) After reading this you would probably think I am a sad git who can’t let go of the past and resents the world for changing and you would probably have a point. My memories are unreliable by nature as they are often edited and polished to romanise what has been but they are mine and I will not apologize for them.

I use to go to the library every week and sometimes more then once, not just because I read a a lot but also because I loved being there. I went just after dinner, a time that almost no one was there. I enjoyed the calm and the scent of books surrounding me. there was a atmosphere of  respect, respect for the written word, knowlage and wishdom and all who sought those where welcomed with open arms. it didn’t matter there that one was quieter then the rest, that one was different , the library seemed the prefer children like me and I felt at home there. I often sat on the floor reading, without anyone ever bothering me. Often I didn’t need anything I just went to walk among the books, let my fingers run over there sides and randomly pick up a book to explore the world within them. once I was past reading children books (what was sooner then most) I didn’t come into that part of the library any longer as the rest was quieter.

now every member of the library (what is for children under 16 free of charge) can get on the internet for free and there are video-games for every console and DVD’s to be borrowed. this are not bad things but what happens to the library is. now children are on the computers throughout the library playing on-line games against one other, they have never gotten near a book there and never plan to do so. they are yelling at one other and as long as they are not screaming bad things, no one tells them to be quiet. the scent of books has been filtered out and the only smell is from coffee and cake of the café downstairs. respect left as the library turned into a playground where one gets funny looks for being quiet and different.


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