two centuses, one story

as some of you know I am currently doing two 100 word centus challenges in a week. this week I have decided to do it a bit different, I have made for every prompt words a piece but both pieces are part of one story. I hope that this won’t be considered cheating.  the sites I am doing this for are and  if you come from one you might want to visit the other 🙂 here are my pieces, the prompts are in bold.

The kitchen was chaos, on every surface stood ingredients and in the middle stood a young women, feeling quite lost. She was cursing herself for saying that she could cook. She had forgotten her aunts dating-rule number one: never lie to impress a guy. She read through the instructions that she got from the internet one last time and began to work. Once it was in the oven she felt quite good about herself and went to watch tv. She forgot time until the alarm went off, jumped up and ran into the kitchen to find the oven smoking and the pizza quite black.

The smoke wasn’t out of the kitchen yet when the buzzer from the front door went off. He was early, shocked she realized that, letting him standing there wasn’t a option and went to open it. He had a red rose with him, what made her feel even more guilty. She didn’t know what to say, so she just laid him into kitchen and show him. When he saw the burned pizza he looked amused at her and asked: what kind of a pizza is this? She giggled and answered, a very crispy one. They laughed together at the disaster and decided to go out that evening.


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