trust issues

I have a problem with trusting people or do I ? its a bit of a am I mad or is the world mad idea but bare with me. I am wondering if people are to be trusted, I don’t know about you but last time I watched the news I didn’t get the idea that people in general are all that nice.

I think that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the most probable explanation of how we came to be here. lets for argument sake say that the man was right and if we do that then we also should accept that we humans are nothing more then animals, wich I personally am fine with. we are the dominant species on this planet because we are highly intelligent and ruthless predators, we didn’t get where we are by playing nice and we still have the instincts that brought us so far. we kill out whole species because we want something nice to eat or wear, the many wars say that we are still quite territorial. people like to pretend to be different then all the other animals but in fact we are just better at it.

do me a favour and think of a lion, a big one, your feed it and take good care of it, you two are good buddy’s but only a fool would trust it because its still an wild animal after all. well why would we trust people blindly to do good then ? trust that they won’t attack when they are hungry, angry or just because they can really. its also funny that we tend to trust those who are educated (like a doctor) or have a higher social status more and often without thinking, but those are the people that can do more harm than any of the others. people who don’t have the best intentions in mind do know witch places in society just are trusted and will break that trust for sure. I don’t want to argue that all people are bad and you should be paranoid about everyone around you but it is wise to keep thinking. keep wondering and asking if something does not make sense, don’t assume that the person has your best interest in mind because there should (if everyone just did what they should jail would be an empty place) or that they know better because they went to school longer. trust yourself above others.

that are mine thoughts about it anyway, not sure if they make sense to others because maybe its just a product of my sick mind.



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