an impossible choice – please advice

life sometimes twist in such a way that you stand before choices that you never wanted to make or even think about. I find myself standing before such a choice and I can’t decide what to do. last night I asked twitter if they wanted rather to see a loved one suffer for a long time with little chance of recovery or do they rather morn there loved once death and move on. its a question with two bad answers and not many will be willing to even think about, let alone answer it. I honestly don’t know what is right, to hold strong and take it all a wile longer or just to let my loved once free from worry and care, let them morn me and move on. if I asked them I know what they will say but not what they really will feel or maybe they don’t know what is best yet, I mean you never quite know what its going to be like until the time is there and you have to deal with the harsh reality.

I have considered flipping a coin but leaving such a big decision to chance seems not the best idea in the world. I feel stuck because I can’t decide which way to go. is it my right to decide at all ? I think it is as I am boss over my own body and soul (if you believe in such a think) I can do whatever I want. I don’t want to hurt others bit if they will be hurt anyway then I want to make it as quick and easy on them as possible, so the question remains: what hurts less ?

any advice and thoughts are welcome


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