saturday centus week 145

this weeks assignment is a simple question: What happens to Punxsutawney Phil when he retires? this is my answer

Fallen from fame, mindlessly replaced

no one knows that the fraud took my name

year by year I did my thing

foretold the inescapable coming of spring.


On the second month and second day

I made a nation breathlessly wait

the days before they made bets in gold

on weather or not we move away from the cold


now my days of seeing shades are done

I restlessly wait on my decided fate

no one knows, I never again see the sun

As I’m dinner for mayor and son.


2 responses to “saturday centus week 145

  1. Oh no, poor old Phil, not dinner again! ha ha ha!

  2. not good thought mayor was a veggie llol cool take

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