saturday centus week 150 part 2

I made a sequel on my story, not breaking any rules as it has the prompt words in it and isn’t longer then 100 words plus the prompt 😉

my heart pounded out of my chest of fear but also anger, how could I let the calm fool me? My world fell apart again when I heard “code red” the meaning is simple, he’s coming. I drove right on the speed-limit out of town without an idea where I was going. five years we where together, I loved him so much…even after….stupid really. I drove till moonrise, then took a motel room for the night. once I was his wife he didn’t even try to hide his dark side any more. Till death do us part…..he’ll make sure of that.


6 responses to “saturday centus week 150 part 2

  1. How scared she must be!

  2. Ther more I read the more I like it!

  3. Keep on…more to follow I hope?

  4. Ah ha! Just as I suspected! Eventually she will have to “stand and deliver” so she can stop running and have a life again. Is there more?????

  5. Love.

    I swear there is a movie that this reminds me of. Maybe with Ashley Judd. This was really neat!

    I liked this prompt really well. It was inspired from my daughter giving birth to our new Grandson.

    I wanted to get a better memory of Code Red in my head then the one they used while trying to contain her bleeding!

    Your story was so awesome that I think it’ll temper those words for me! Thank you for that!

  6. How many women there are who make this mistake, thinking the wrong man is the right one. Luckily I never had to endure anything like this, but I’ve surely been with the wrong man and it scarred and changed me.

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