saturday centus week 150

as always is the prompt in bold. and just want to note that this is fiction, for me anyway

It was a Saturday, I just got dressed and was baking eggs. Then the phone rang, I pushed a upcoming thought away, it had been almost a year. With the third rang I picked up and received the words I hoped to never hear again “code red” with no time to think the phone fall, and I ran to the door where a bag with all I needed was collecting dust. Within a few minutes I had left the house I began to love and drove to another destination unknown.One mistake in judgement has me running for my life forever.


8 responses to “saturday centus week 150

  1. Sure makes me wonder what mistake she made!

  2. Oh wow I want the restofthe story now

  3. Very dramatic! This could turn into a book!

  4. Oh yes, must have more…..

  5. On the run, but from what or who? Now I’ll read part 2!

  6. Love the suspense here! Witness protection program? My mind boggles at the possibilities.

  7. Sometimes old mistakes do come back to haunt us. Usually not with results this drastic, but they can creep up at the most inopportune times.

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