saturday centus week 150 part 3

okay I made a third part, might be the last might not be….the prompt is in bold


The motel was what motels usually are, a place no one would call home. I’ve seen too many rooms with the scent of loneliness for a lifetime. but the owners always know not to ask for anything but the rent, that makes it save. when I laid down and let my tears flow freely, I was disturbed by someone knocking at the door. my heart skipped several beats but I calmed it with sweet words, it couldn’t be him. I opened the door, expecting a maid but staring in the blue eyes of my nightmare “code red” he said, I’m home.


One response to “saturday centus week 150 part 3

  1. omg! I didn’t dare hope for a part 3! Man, I can just hear the creepy music playing in my head. I can visualize the glassy surreal blue eyes framed by the shabby door frame.


    Run, RUN!

    Or shoot him.

    Yeah. Shoot him! Shoot him and then run.

    And keep your feet high when you’re running out of there so he can’t grab your ankles and.



    I got carried away here.

    My adrenaline is pumping.

    And your story was fabulous! All three parts of it!


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