saturday centus week 150-the end

one more part before the end of the week and this is the last one.

I tried close the door again but stepped inside and quickly overpowered me. My heart raced to my throat and my mind ran through every impossible escape. How did he find me ? how did he know about code red ? he easily pushed me on the bed and as held me he asked “did you miss me ?” I was trapped and I knew it, what was I to do ? I pushed all my feelings aside and kissed him. I missed you and love you my dear, I whispered. I did leave that room alive, but with him.


2 responses to “saturday centus week 150-the end

  1. Oh girl! I see an escape in her future. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do in order to survive.


  2. I hope he was worth it

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