satuday centus week 153

okay, we have this time a prompt where once story has to begin with, so here we go:


our fingers entwined like ribbons of light

together we can win, together we can fight.


I remember the rain in which we have met

Words broke us both, so nothing was said


I looked into you, you saw trough me

I belonged to you, like water to the sea


I left you alone in the endless night

to search for a way to bring a day so bright


I looked for a way to postpone my own death

I left you alone and you took your last breath


this is the truth from which I now run.

our eternal rain was warmer then my sun



8 responses to “satuday centus week 153

  1. Very powerful and touching.

  2. a sad take on the prompt. I like the last line very much.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  3. Heart wrenching but so poignant. Loved it.

  4. Poignant poem. Thanks for sharing it.


  5. Deeply moving, a tale of forever love.

  6. This was really touching. Very good writing.

  7. That last line was wonderful!

    I had that relationship once.

    It was exhausting.

    But, oh.

    It definitely made me feel alive.

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