Saturday centus week 159

Looking around I could only conclude that I wasn’t at home.
The walls where white and I was laying in what seemed to be a hospital bed.
I had no idea how I got here but I seemed unharmed.
Walking out of the room I met a women that just took my hand and said seriously “you put the lime in the coconut and let it boil for 3 minutes”
And walked past me through the corridor, I stared after her until she turned a corner out of sight.
It made no sense to me, non of this did.


5 responses to “Saturday centus week 159

  1. I’ll say…lol. Sounds crazy!!

  2. Good entry, I’m guessing it’s about waking up in a mental hospital, not knowing how or why you’re there.

  3. Excellent take on the prompt!!

  4. I did not understand until I read the comments click

  5. Uh oh.

    Sounds suspiciously like the Twilight Zone.

    I think I’ve been in a few places like that…but, thankfully, only visiting.

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