saturday centus week 160

the prompt in combination with my pirate name (plain Jane) has inspired me to the following poem:

Plain Jane


My name is plain Jane

I use to be just Jane

 my captain has added the plain


once you accept

to roam under the black flag

you get your own pirate tag


I wanted a terrifying

and legendary name

but instead I got the addition plain


the good captain of mine

was all muscle without a brain

so all he could think up was plain


I’ve never gone plundering

or boarded a foe

I mostly stayed on deck below


cause no one would fear me

if I mumbled with shame

argr matey, the name is Jane the plain





3 responses to “saturday centus week 160

  1. Either way, it’s cool to be Jane! Ha! Ha! Great little un-plain poem.

  2. LOL, mine was Plain Jane too. I didn’t know what to do with. I really enjoyed your take on the Plain Jane. Good one.

  3. There’s nothing plain about the way you write, Jane!

    This was just timber shiverin’ good!

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