saturday centus week 161

I usually don’t explain my entry, I like for everyone to make there own story but this one I need to explain because its a cause that is important to me. everyday the LGBTQA community has to fight for who they are, in some countries (like mine) its  a fight against ignorant neighbours, in others it is one against the government and police.  world wide there are people being murdered, abused, bullied and discriminated just because of who they are. this has to stop.

this is what I wrote:


this is a story only whispered

it is one about hero’s

that lost so many battles

and about a war that goes on and on


they just want to love

to be who they are.

To stop being bullied

prosecuted and murdered


there aren’t fields large enough

to lay all the broken to rest

all gave some, some gave all

and non of them chose the war


when you have to fight

for a kiss, a ring, a family

then you will really know

what’s worth fighting for.



3 responses to “saturday centus week 161

  1. This is absolutely priceless, and one that carries much pain, but also hope, a hope that if enough people begin to understand their fight, perhaps their pain will end too. We can only share our hopes and prayers and care to understand their struggles.

  2. Aww, this was so beautiful and heartfelt. There will come a time when the fighting will cease, I believe. I just hope I’m alive to see it. Wonderful take on the prompt.

  3. This was powerful.

    Tolerance is something our world needs more of.

    The ability to live and let live in harmony seems to be something so many have an inability to grasp.

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