saturday centus week 181

as I am an expert on the subject of this week I have decided to join in once again. the assignment is: writing exactly 100 words on cowardice without using the word cowardice. as I said, I am a expert on the subject.

Beyond this door is a new day

just one more step away.

my new home,

the bright and glorious unknown.

All my dreams, so close

I blink and

I’m trembling,

see myself walking to the light

legs give in, I’m on the floor

my mind whispers, what I know

my head fills, all I know,

I can’t take what’s in there, can’t even fight it

I hear myself,

sobbing uncontrollably, gasping for breath.

I’m dying in the light

I blink again,

find myself with my hand on the door,

my feet turn and I run,

back to the familiar black.


One response to “saturday centus week 181

  1. I sure can relate to this! Great write!

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