100WCGU week 178

its been a while since I did one of these but I felt like it, not sure I still got it but there’s no harm in trying. the prompt is in bold

 the crumpled paper and tinsel meant…

that it was over, their last christmas had come to an end

the children laid setisfied in bed and Henk sipped at his wine

unaware of what was to come.

She didn’t had the heart to tell them, for weeks she had stayed silent

tomorrow she would break their hearts or maybe after new years

she could almost feel it growing inside her, she couldn’t stay silent for much longer

and after her confession noting would be the same again.


3 responses to “100WCGU week 178

  1. What a powerful piece of writing and of course I want to know what ‘IT’ is! Do keep visiting regularly. I love your writing!

  2. Oh! I sure hope it wasn’t for real 😦 Let him down gently! http://susanfaw.com/2015/12/2221/

  3. knowing and not sharing is really the hardest part…expectation is always worse than the reality…hope it turns out well! nicely written!

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