saturday centus week 172

so decided to join once more cause I got an idea from the prompt and felt like writing. as always prompt is in bold.

When you’re Campaigning as the Mayor of Stress Town.

the only working slogan will be: chill the fuck out!

Keep on running, before you run out of time

every minute is dear, every second cost a dime

no one listens, everyone talks

yell to be heard! scream to be seen!

once I am mayor, its gone with stress

Now I got to run ,to catch my own breath


3 responses to “saturday centus week 172

  1. Sadly, I think living in Stress Town is the norm these days.

  2. I agree with you!

    Everyone seems to be campaigning.

    And in these dog days of never ending triple digit Arizona summer I think all the candidates are on the highways.

    Having road rage as part of their campaigns!

    I liked this!

    I hope you don’t win!


  3. I was just thinking about what I wrote.

    I mean win as mayor.

    Then you’d have to be stressed out ALL the time!

    I love writing in white on black here!

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