saturday centus week 35

the prompt is as ever in bold

Midnight passed and the winter air filled itself with color and thunder. Her crumbled up list with resolutions laid next to her on the floor with all her dreams summed up. As she laid her head in her arms, shielding her ears from the storm of new-years-eve she knew that nothing would ever change. Golden tears fell from her face, cause she could never change.


15 responses to “saturday centus week 35

  1. This is fabulous! Well done & Happy New Year!

  2. I love how you used the storm to convey emotions and create atmosphere. 🙂

  3. Oh no! It’s never too late to change! I could feel her pain. Quite poignant.

  4. Oh there is always hope !

  5. This was really touching. We forget how many people look on the New Year with regret rather than hope. Well done Centus. Kat

  6. Oh my…well written…sad. It’s funny how I can often write sad, but when I read someone else’s, it is not so easy to digest. It must be my empathic coming through…I associate the sad story with the writer and feel for them. I hope you are not sad 😉 Peace and blessings

  7. Very heart felt and sad. There’s still hope.

  8. This is so heartfelt and real. Good writing. It makes me sad, but I think it should. That kind of despair is visceral and painful.


  9. I really liked this, poignant and haunting. I loved the imagery of ‘golden tears’.

    Good writing and a really nice use of the prompt.

  10. I suspect your character is not alone…

    Sad story, but all too real, I’m afraid.


  11. Ohhhh, this is so very very sad. (Great job, and if this is a true story, smooches)

  12. Beautifully written and so sad. An excellent piece!

  13. Oh. This was an intriguing text. Draws you in; makes you curious. What what happens next??
    Well done!’
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s SC#35

  14. winter air filled itself with color and thunder

    I love that line.

    Things can change! Tell your character that things can. It is hard…and change can be scary and…

    Oh geez. I got all fired up and carried away by your little story.

    That is some powerful writing for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  15. This is so sad but real as many have had this kind of holiday. Nice job of writing….

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